Please use our main booking form for all appointments. If you are unable to use our main booking system please continue with this manual booking form.


  1. This form does not guarantee a specific day or time for a booking. We will book you into the first available time slot of your chosen week.
    To guarantee that you reserve your exact appointment time/week please use our main booking form.
  2. Bookings are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from our booking system.
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Groupon_Service_AreaOur Groupon / Wag Jag area is a distance of 18km outside of downtown Thorold (See map). If you have purchased one please choose if you live inside or outside this area.

NOTE: We are happy to waive this fee if you have decided to ADD any of optional or upgraded services above.

groupon_bar_code If you are booking with a Groupon please enter the 8 digit number located below the barcode on your voucher:

Agree To Terms & Conditions:
For Specific Booking Times:
  1. Although we do out best to arrive on time. We may arrive within 90 minutes (Before or after) your appointment time.
  2. A $35 Missed Appointment Fee may be charged for all customers who are not home within this window of time.
For Unattended Window Cleanings   By checking the box below you agree to:
  • Remove screens from windows prior to our arrival NOTE: Screen covered windows will not be cleaned & will not be eligible for our standard "next business day" streak free guarantee.
  • Ensure that at leat one (1) outside water tap is turned on and accessible
  • Place the Payment form in my mailbox by Monday Morning before 9am the week of my appointment.
  • Place full payment (Either cheque or credit card number) of my booking in my mailbox or pay securely online before our arrival.
  • Pay a $35 missed appointment fee if I fail to do the above tasks.
You also agree that you have read the statement below:
  • Groupons include an unattended appointment type.
  • You DO NOT need to be home for an unattended appointment
  • Date & time appointments can be booked for an additional fee.
  • Groupons booked as full price appointments will not be honored if presented on day of appointment.
  • Appointments are not confirmed until you recieve a confirmation email with a booking number.